Expanding the Margins

I probably should save these comments so that I could actually have something to write about come Sunday, but heck! I’m on spring break and I’ve got nothing but ideas!

First, I have to share with you that I’ve gotten a new position! I’ll be working as an Assistant Reference Librarian at Indiana State University beginning this spring and if it weren’t for all the books (and other stuff) that need to be packed between now and then, I’d be flipping cartwheels!

I did take time out for a walk this morning and enjoyed the cool crisp air as much and the pink and white blossoms on the trees. Such beauty really got me to thinking… about books… Does your local Barnes and Noble have a Starbucks? Mine does and I’m wondering why the Starbucks near me doesn’t have a Barnes and Noble. I mean, many people actually sit for a spell at Starbucks, taking the time to read, computer or just chat. So, why don’t these companies increase each of their sales potential by putting books for sale in the Starbucks and heck, while they’re at it why not allow Nook access in the Starbucks just like at B&N? Seems like a no brainer to me!

Voya just shared an article based discussion on Twitter regarding “The power of Young Adult Fiction.”

Have you ever noticed how national news programs send the Latino guy to cover Latino issues and the Black guy to cover Black issues? I hate when they do that because while the network looks like they’re relating ethnically diverse issues, they’re really marginalizing the issue and stamping it as a Latino/Asia/Native American issue and not as a people issue.

To me, that’s what the New York Times has done with their piece on Young Adult fiction. Why not have a White author address diversity? An Asian address complexities and Latina talk about social networking? Why let readers continue to believe that the lack of diversity that surrounds us only continues to concern people of color? And, by the same token make it seem as if people of color have no other issues? Go on, join the discussion!

Time to pack some more boxes!


6 thoughts on “Expanding the Margins

  1. Congratulations on the new job!! I’ve been saying for years that libraries need to have a Starbucks, just like B&N! I bet that would make the popularity of libraries go up overnight.


    1. Katie,
      Actually many high school school, public and academic libraries do house coffee shops. I think it would be really revolutionary to but libraries in the coffee shop. Book related industries really need to re-market themselves!


  2. Congrats on the new Job! It seems the concerns you mentioned above are become more apparent recently. It is quite a shame that we as a people haven’t gotten past these road blocks yet. As you mentioned, issues of diversity and inclusivity should be a people issue, not a one specific group issue. And it very well might be seen as a people issue, but could it be that people are just scared of voicing their concerns?


  3. Hi Nicola,
    People in those industries could be afraid of voicing their concern or they may not even see what viewers see. Race in America is such an can of worms!


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