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Storms have tossed and turned this state this week. Warming, sunny skies have turned snowy and gray. Homes have been uplifted and towns have been wiped off the map. Local station WISH tv offers this list of ways to donate.

Laura Atkins discusses the most recent CBCC statistics on diversity. (yes, the newsletter is accessible)

Perhaps you’ve already read about the group of editors that have come together under the auspices of the Children’s Book Council, in a Diversity Committee, with the common goal of increasing diversity in children’s publishing in the US. They’re inviting others within the industry to join them in making a difference with regards to creating equity for authors of color and for books which feature characters of color. I believe these changes need to be addressed within the publishing industry and I hope to follow their successes on their blog, CBC Diversity.

The Huffington Post provides us with “Hunger Games’ casting: Why Jennifer Lawrence shouldn’t play Katness” which originally appeared in a school newspaper in Michigan.

My week will be busy and my posts will be few! I’ll be picking up my books for World Book Night from Kids Ink Bookstore and on Wednesday I’ll be hosting Mike Mullin, local author of Ashfall, for World Read Aloud Day. I have to admit that this is my first author visit and given that Mike is so graciously giving his time to visit, I want to make it enjoyable for everyone. I’d appreciate any and all suggestions on making this the perfect day. My students and teachers are so excited about the visit and I’m sure it will do a lot to boost my students interest in reading. Have you made plans for World Read Aloud Day?


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