Tuskegee Airmen Go To the Movies

I received the following in an email last week. Since then, “Red Tails” has opened and has received glowing reviews. If, after reading this you know who want to see the movie, be sure to see it this weekend. The opening week of any movie is what is used to judge its success. Use your dollar vote!

It’s George Lucas’ version of the story of the Tuskegee Airmen, 20 years in the making, and has a predominantly Black cast, all the main actors are Black.  
When the movie was finally ready for production, no production company would take it; as a result, George Lucas had to write a check.  After production was completed, no distribution company would take it. So, George Lucas wrote another check. The advanced viewing was sponsored by Wells Fargo and the Museum of the African Diaspora.  

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5 thoughts on “Tuskegee Airmen Go To the Movies

  1. I’ve wanted to see this one for a while. And I hate watching movies in the theater and generally wait till the movie’s out on video, but when I hear stories like how Lucas had to finance this one alone, or how a studio decides to stop making movies with a female lead because one single movie with a female lead flopped; it makes me mad enough to actually get me into a theater to support it.


  2. One of my fellow teachers (and a close friend) is the daughter of an Airman. I had the honor of meeting him a few years ago before his passign. I’m impressed at Lucas’ efforts, and I look forward to seeing the film. It’s a heroic story, worthy of the big treatment it’s receiving.


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