Saturday Plans

Here’s how you say “hello” in several different Native languages:

Halito (Chickasaw & Choctaw)

Aya (Miami)
Yá’ át’ ééh (Navajo)
Niit (Tsimshian)
I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow! While ALL my fellow librarians are in NOLA at @ALA11, I plan to go to the Eiteljorg’s 19th annual Indian Market and Festival. In addition to displays and performances that expose Indian cultures, there will be interesting, informative sessions as well.
11a.m. (Inside Museum, Clowes Ballroom)
Indian Art Markets: Authenticity and Self Representation
Take an inside look at five Native American artists’ process of creating their art. Selected artists video taped their process while discussing creativity, authenticity and traditionalism. Artists also discuss how they were taught their craft and what methods they use to create it. A panel discussion will be held in which clips of their work will be shown and discussed.
12noon & 3 p.m. (Main Stage)
The Alaska founded group,Pamyua (Yup’ik Inuit and African American decent), started fourteen years ago as a dream to share ancient stories through music and dance. With enchanting Inuit harmonies, the sound of the didgeridoo and the thunderous roll of the African djembe, brothers Stephen and Phillip Blanchett, joined by Ossie Kairaiuak and Karina Møller, have played all over the world, stealing hearts and gaining listeners with the fresh and unique sound they call “tribal funk.” Pamyua masters the ability to mix world traditions while still holding on to their own Native roots.
As I look through everything there, I see no booths, presentations or sessions on children’s books… hmm… maybe next year?