I love how online access provides so many ways to keep learning. I love the diversity of ideas that challenge me to question, accept, prove or substantiate. Sometimes, I just get a greater reason to smile. I’m trying to make a point of expanding my access to include sources I don’t necessarily agree with but I’m also I staying on my toes with blogs like American Indians in Children’s Literature and the Pirate Tree where I can find stimulating writing that I can agree with more often than not.

Today on American Indians in Children’s Literature, Debbie Reese posted about the

spoken Word Team from Santa Fe Indian School. She first introduced them on her blog in 2009 and she mentions them again today to promote their new poetry CD. You really want to click this link to hear just one amazing sample from this poetry CD. Like me, you’ll be adding it to your school and/or personal collection.

“I come from the skin of sunlight” I love that line!

Pirate Tree is a relatively new blog that began in April

J. L. Powers

to expose and discuss literature and writers for children and teenagers that delve into themes of social justice and social conscience. The title, “The Pirate Tree,” comes from a picture book that Lyn Miller-Lachmann once wrote about two children whose grandfathers fought on opposite sides of a war. The children were prohibited from going into each others’ yards, but they figured out a way to meet and play pirates together by climbing a tree with limbs and branches above both their yards. Like the story suggested, we are interested in books and writers that question

and rebel against the status quo, argue for peace and reconciliation, take

the side of the marginalized and powerless, and use creative solutions to overcome obstacles.

 The five writers for The Pirate Tree are Ann Angel, Nancy Bo Flood, Peter Marino, Lyn Miller-Lachmann, and Jessica (J.L.) Powers. We plan to post reviews, interviews, and/or essays at least twice

Peter Marino

weekly and welcome suggestions for topics, interviews, and guest posts. Most of the books covered are fiction and nonfiction for children and teenagers, although some adult titles suitable for teen readers will also be included.

Ann Angel

Thanks, Lyn for providing this description

Nancy Bo Flood
Lyn Miller-Lachmann

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  1. Thank you for announcing The Pirate Tree! We’re excited about the blog and what we’ve been able to do so far, including interviews with authors who have new books–Laura Resau, Lucine Kasbarian, and Sherry Shahan so far, and many more to come.


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