Great news for those of you in the Chicago area! On Tuesday 10 May, Cindy Pon, Nnedi Okorafor, Malinda Lo and Claudia Martinez will be at Barbara’s Bookstore on the University of Illinois Chicago Campus. Unfortunately, it’s a bit too far for me on a work day, but save that date if it’s close to you!

April is School Library Month. I hope to delight you with the presence of some incredible school librarians. If you know a school librarian who ought to be featured, please list them in the comments on this post. List the librarian’s first name and last initial, the city or school district  in which they work and why they are so outstanding, how they’ve touch you or how they go above and beyond to serve others. For every librarian listed, I’ll be donating two books to the Teen Book Drop. I’ll also follow up on the mentions and feature some of the librarians in interviews here on CrazyQuilts. Let’s create our own story now through April, 2011.

These dates are highlighted by the ALA

For persons of color interested in becoming a librarian, check out the Associations of Research Librarians’ Initiative to  Create a Diverse Workforce.

I thought I was doing a good job yesterday in posting books that help us remember. Well, I thought that until I read ALAN’s post of books that are flying under the radar along with indepth interviews. Clearly my effort was adequate at best.

Now, I’d love to find the rewind button on my calendar and replay this past week. On second thought, I think I’d prefer to hit fast forward and get this year over with. It’s hard to believe it’s April already.  Or that it’s only April. I do have spring flowers pushing through the ground and the high winds are preparing the way for warming weather. There was a line in a poem I learned in my French class that translates to say “In springtime, it all returns through hope”.

Happy Spring!

Happy Poetry Month!

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  1. Happy Poetry Month! I can’t believe I don’t know one school librarian of color. Well there’s you and Kathy from BrainLair. But I don’t know any in person. I hope things get better so that you can enjoy this year instead of wishing it was almost over! Have a great week!


    1. LOL You caught me when I first posted this and through my edits to get the images and details right, I decided that as much as I really want to highlight librarians of color, there could be many white librarians who work hard to serve patrons of color and they ought to be acknowledged as well. So, feel free to give a shout out to your favorite school librarian!


  2. This sounds like a great endeavor!
    And I like your new blog look very much. I’ve been planning a spring makeover for my site, but we’ve been hit by snow today, and it doesn’t feel much like spring. I think I’d better target a May makeover…


  3. I’m hoping to make it to Barbara’s Bookstore to meet Cindy Pon and Nnedi Okorafor whose books I haven’t read but just bought to read. I’ll be reading Cindy’s over the next few days and I pre-ordered Akata Witch. I’ve never heard of Claudia Martinez but will look her up!

    One of my favorite school librarians is Jen Hubert Swan over at Reading Rants. Not a librarian of color but they bring lots of authors to their schools! I don’t really know any school librarians though, like Natasha said, they are mostly online!

    You and I need to meet! Isn’t there something June 14th?


  4. @Nirajana: glad you like the new look! I spent way too much time online during my spring break!
    @BrainLair: LOL fun playing Words with Friends with you!!
    I’m not sure about 14 June, other than Flag Day. Any idea where or who is sponsoring? I forgot you were Tweeting about the bookstore, too! That will be such wonderful opportunity to meet you all! Pictures, please!!

    I kinda though you all might remember your own school librarians? Your children’s librarians? I didn’t think it would be so hard, sorry!


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