The Book Remembers

Thanks to an early morning Tweet from Room to Read, I was reminded that today is the 44th annual International Children’s Book Day. The theme for the day is ‘The Book Remembers’. So, here are a few books to help us remember.

One Piece was the best selling manga in Japan in 2010


Japan: Hit by 8.9 earthquake and 23 ft tsunami on 11 March. These natural disasters have resulted in ~$300B in damages and an ongoing nuclear disaster.

Fatalities : 11,102
Missing : 16,493
Total assumed killed =  27,595




Jesse Joshua Watson is asking for donations to help him take sports equipment to Haiti



Haiti: 7.0 earthquake 12 January 2010

With a per capita gdp of $1200, Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere






Former soldier, Trent Reedy, gives us a glimpse inside Afghanistan


Afghanistan: There are currently 90,000 US soldiers on active duty in Afghanistan. February 2011 saw 20 US fatalities and 187 wounded soldiers.








The 3rd vol. of this graphic novel set in 1970's Cote d'Ivoire




Cote d’Ivoire/Ivory Coast: Civil War began in 2002 and continues today as President Gbagdo refuses to leave office. Although women make up less that half the population of this West African country, they are currently in to forefront of demonstrations demanding the president to give up power.






Libya: Following trends in the Mid East, rebel forces organized using social networking services to work to over through President Muammar el-Qaddafi. On 19 March, international military forces led by the British and French took a role in the conflict.

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  1. Thank you for the recommendations. I just finished The Shepherd’s Granddaughter by Anne Laurel Carter which is a good one on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.


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