Friday Finds

I’ve recently found a few POC titles that I”ve added to my booklists that I hadn’t seen before!  I realize the rest of the planet probably knows about these books already, but they’re new to me and this makes a good TGIF post!

Road to Barrister by Yusef Poole; Bluewater Press, Feb 2010 “Life is all about making choices” (see p. 61). Every day we wake up, we have a choice. We choose to get out of bed on the right side or the wrong side. We choose whether it will be a good day or bad. We choose whether we are going to be happy or not. This book, Road to Barrister: An Urban Monologue by Yusef Poole, can help anyone identify and possibly evaluate the consequences of those choices. Poole is one of very few guys in his neighborhood with whom he grew up who never sold drugs. Imagine the temptation he had to overcome . . . the pressure.  Read a sample!

Truancy Origins by Isamu Fukui; MacMillan, March 2010 Zen and Umasi, the teenaged adopted sons of the mayor of Education City, rebel against the rigid strictures of society and the educational system and join the outcasts on the streets. But they have very different values and goals. Zen is determined to destroy the school and the City and establish himself as leader of the Truancy, a company of teens who have been expelled, while his gentler, more humane brother wants to protect the common people of the City, even if it means destroying his own brother.  March 2009

The StarMaker by Laurence Yep; Harper Collins, Dec 2010 Newbery Honor Book author Laurence Yep celebrates family and Chinese New Year traditions in this story of a boy and his uncle who discover that age doesn’t matter when it comes to helping out a friend.  sample

Africans thought of it: Amazing Inventions by Bathseba Opini; Annick Press, February 2011. This fourth book in Annick’s successful We Thought of It series takes readers on a fascinating journey across the world’s second largest continent to discover how aspects of its culture have spread around the globe.

Rajah, King of the Jungle by Balraj Khanna; Mapin Publishing, March 2011    Classic Indian folk tale brought to life with an exciting new story and wonderful illustrations.


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