African American Read in Today!

Good morning!

The African American Read In is today! Ari has questions up and will be posting more later today. There will also be a discussion on Twitter. I’ll come back and post the # we’ll be using so that posts will be easy to follow throughout the day.  I’m liking #bleedingreadin .  I think Ari will post more questions as the day moves on.

On Twitter:  #bleedingviolet

I finished my first reading of the book last night. I really think it ought to have been an adult book. To me, Hanna didn’t feel like a teen. While the bizarre-ness of the book was entertaining, I don’t think  casual sex is a good message in YA and I’d even say at times life itself was a bit too casual. No doubt, Reeves is a talented writer!!  Not just any writer could maintain such cohesion in a book with invisible doors, protective swans, glyphs, earphones, Finnish and Ragsie. Now, let me think: Hanna or Wyatt’s mom? I’m off to the discussion!

3 thoughts on “African American Read in Today!

  1. The link didn’t work for me (bummer). Interesting comment about BLEEDING VIOLET being more of an adult book than YA. It’s been a while since I read it, but I don’t remember having that sense at all. The issue of casual sex portrayed in YA is a tough one too because it IS a reality for many teens. I guess some people worry that portraying it = condoning it. I’m not sure I agree. Sometimes holding a mirror up to certain types of reality is just that–holding a mirror.

    But that is a whole ‘nother can of worms, isn’t it?


    1. Hi Vicky,
      I’m going to check the link to make sure it’s working.

      I do think portraying casual sex does condone it. If you look at the books I’ve reviewed here, you know I’m not a complete prude. I do know there are times when sex and profanity are necessary in a story, but to give young people the idea to use sex doesn’t sit right with me.

      The way Hanna carried herself, maintained relationships and her independent resourcefulness felt way more adult than teen to me.


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