book review: The Trouble with Half a Moon

title: The Trouble with Half a Moon
author: Danette Vigilante
date: G. P. Putnams’s Sons; January, 2011
main character:  Delilah “Dellie”
Dellie and her family live in an apartment building that is pretty much Dellie’s whole world. Spanish language and Puerto Rican food fill the story with the family’s culture. Since her brother was killed in a tragic accident, Dellie’s parents don’t like letting her go outside without them. Luckily her best friend, Kayla, lives in the building with her. But for some reason, Kayla suddenly gets mad at Dellie and stops talking to her. And then there’s Corey, the little boy Dellie feeds because he’s hungry and who is being abused by his mother. Sounds like an action packed story, doesn’t it?

I was never really drawn into this story  and no problem felt that it would or should be solved. A new neighbor moves in and the rumor is that she’s a witch. Dellie never gets suspicious or investigates the matter, so why would the reader care? Dellie is worried about Corey, but she hides his need from her mother and never develops a plan to help him. Ah, but Dellie does have a sweet little love interest that rings true to her age and allows us to see Dellie as a well grounded and level headed young lady.  While there were inconsistencies and poorly developed situations in this advanced copy, Vigilante delivered enough of a story to make me want to give her another try.

2 thoughts on “book review: The Trouble with Half a Moon

  1. Michael was so cute! Wish I had known a guy like that in 8th grade. Well I probably did but never appreciated him. lol

    There are some underdeveloped plots and I didn’t like the whole witch plot but it was a sad book.


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