Eclectic Tastes

I hate to admit it, but I buy dinner a lot. Tonight, it’s Greek pizza. Last night it was roasted pork tenderloin at an Italian restaurant with old friends and the nights before that it was Cashew Chicken.   I remember taking my daughter and a date to her birthday dinner one year at an Italian restaurant. Her friend was uncomfortable with such exotic food and I knew this relationship was going to be uncomfortable. My daughter is very open-minded, likes to travel and explores new foods more than almost anyone I know. They didn’t seem to have very similar tastes in food or life.

So, my question is: does your taste if food match your interest in books? Travel? Exploration?



4 thoughts on “Eclectic Tastes

  1. Edi, yes, absolutely. I love to try (and eat!) all kinds of food. I never had Chinese sesame noodles until I was in my twenties, and couldn’t believe how good they were. Same with Spanish tortilla espanola (kinda like a potato omelette) when I was in college. Ooh, and tomatoes & mozzarella that Italian places serve. Spanish, Indian, Southern/soul food, fish & chips, barbecue, Japanese, Mexican, New England Indian pudding, Maine seafood…I would go on and on, but I’m getting too hungry.


  2. Not really–because of food sensitivities, my diet is far restricted from it used to be, and I use to love a lot of variety like Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Italian foods, most of which are gone from my life–and that did correlate to books since I read a large variety of genres. But I guess in a small way what I eat now might reflect my taste in books; I have to eat what might be considered a stereotypical hippified granola tree-hugger kind of diet, and I do read a lot books on social issues. *shrug*


    1. @dePizan @April @Susan: I’m seeing three very different eating habits but do think I’m hearing a willingness to try different foods.
      @dePizan: I created this little emoticon for the shrug: ^0^


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