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Bamboo People and Finding Family are definitely two of the best books I’ve read in a while. It took me a while to review Bamboo People, but I figure that’s OK. I’m keeping it alive on the ‘net! Finding Family is a much newer book. I was just searching to find other reviews for the book, and found but one! Bolden has written over 20 books, she’s an established author and her book should be getting a bit more attention. I don’t that my one woman crusade will do much for this book until you stop reading this and go get Finding Family!

If I haven’t managed to quite convince you, listen to this recording of Bolden discussing her book and reading a selection from it.

Is there a book you’ve read lately that doesn’t seem to be getting the publicity it deserves?


11 thoughts on “Getting More Press

  1. The most recent was probably “Fly by Night” by Frances Hardinge, a very original story about a young woman who gets inadvertently involved in politics with her pet goose, in a kind of alternate 1700s England. It’s listed as a fantasy, but there really isn’t all that much fantasy involved.


  2. I was about a third of the way through my ARC of Finding Family when I left it in a bar! I’m still a little bit embarrassed. I was already enjoying it, but now I’m definitely looking forward to getting a hold of my library’s copy – I hope it will get through the processing department soon!


  3. I agree with Medeia, there are a lot of get books that don’t get enough blogger love. Bamboo People and Finding Family were both nominated for Cybils, so even more people will read them.

    I’ve heard Fly by Night was very good, though I haven’t got around to checking it out yet.


  4. It came out about two years ago. Its a middle grade fantasy novel. The author is Hardinge. Edi, don’t sleep on the goodness that is MG fiction.

    On my blog of my last 12 or so reviews only 2 have been YA. (And those two were this week) There are a lot bad copycat novels of the “In” books. Its hard for me to find anything good.


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