It’s noon and I’ve been online too long already! I have a couple of issues with my neck that lead to awful pain if I’m online too long. Sometimes, a good set of exercises can work it out. If I’ve progressed into a headache, ice does the trick and as a last resort, there are pills which I really hate to take unless I have to. There is just too much good information, fun activities, people to chat with and things to watch online!

I took a break to cook breakfast this morning and that moment of stepping away brought me the clarity to compose a post for today. I used to save stuff for Sundays, then edit and refine it however the last time did that and attempted to save my materials as a draft it actually posted! I haven’t tried saving since.

While I was cooking, I began thinking about things that have happened at school this week. I try not to give to many specifics here about my own school, that’s not my purpose. I know some of the things that happen at my school are quite typical and while educators know and understand these things, not everyone does.  Like bullying. We all know it has always happened. I don’t know what it is about human nature that requires us to find those who are is some ways different than us, those we perceive to be weaker and pick on them. It seems that bullying and racism would have to the stem from the same gene.

At its best, bullying is forcing someone to be like everyone else. At its best!  During those years when we begin to explore and understand who we are, we get bullied into being like everyone else. I don’t think we always recognize the tiny ways bullying happens. I’ve been missing it in my own library.

I’ve know the most popular books have been the more urban tales and that boys will ask for guns and gangsters while girls want ‘drama’. While my library is heavy in these books, I do have Riordan and Snickettand Green  and Collins and all the mainstream stuff you find in any library. And, the mainstream stuff just sits there. What I’ve finally noticed is that students pick up the mainstream stuff but between the shelf and the checkout counter, their mind is changed. This thuggish culture that is dominating schools, my school, bullies students to not value education, not maintain a greater interest in the world, not to succeed in school. It’s a bullying that’s so hard to fight! Talk about Black on Black crime!

At the same time, I do get students before and after school! The manga and Kimani Trus are going like crazy as is the fantasy, romance and mystery! I checked out over one book per student weeks ago and look forward to breaking all kinds of records this year. I’m going to reward students every grading period this year and that will really be tough with no budget to do so. I’ll be sending out letters to local businesses this week and if my readers can suggest donors, I’d really appreciate hearing about them!

Budgets are cut everywhere. Politicians can say what they want, the economy is bad and has been bad for a long, long time. It’s sad that the press wants to make us think the economy can bounce back overnight. It didn’t collapse overnight!!  Angel, the Itinerant Library finds these signs of a poor economy. You really should click the link to see what universities are doing in the name of budget cutting. Do you have things you watch to tell if the economy is any better? I watch the movement of students. The more I see students come and go, the worse the local economy is. And, it’s still bad. I’ll be glad when they can settle down and stay a while!

Ari needs your help! She’s got to memorize 100 lines of  British poetry and she needs suggestions. Ari, the best I can do is to get suggestions for you. Poetry is not my thing.

Two cool maps

Too cool!

Do you really get how big Africa is?

Would you be interesting in using a map to locate news?


I’ll be reading Bamboo People this week so check back for resources over the next few days.

author: Mitali Perkins


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  1. Locally, I’ve noticed fewer new books and cut library hours.

    I’ve been donating more books than ever before to libraries. Donations are nice, but I wish media specialists had the funding to pick and choose what their patrons need.

    Despite everything, it’s wonderful to make new goals and see the checkout rate increase in a school.


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