MaleMonday is a meme that began with Ari @ Reading in Color


Do you identify that certain something in a story’s voice that makes it male or female? Can females really create a male voice? Should they? Why do you think they do?

a few writers who have written in the voice of YA males of color

Lyn Miller Lachmann Gringolandia

Janet Nichols Lynch Messed Up

Louanne Johnson Muchacho

Coe Booth Tyrell

Sharon Flake You Don’t Even Know Me

B.A. Binns Pull

5 thoughts on “MaleMonday

  1. I think many females author’s write great male protagonist. I think Gringolandia , Tyrell and Pull are all great examples of that.

    I didn’t like Messed Up. Though that was more of a race then a gender outsider prespective of the author that had me shaking my head no. Though in both cases I thought MC was one dimensional.

    I loved Who Am I Without Him by Flake. Its second only to Money Hungry in my Flake top 5 but You Don’t Even Know Me, didn’t work for me. Though I think a lot of boys will be attracted to its cover.


  2. Writing PULL in a male voice was not a task I entered into lightly. It took months of research and study and frankly being a voyeur in the lives of young males. I’m just happy that so far people who have read the book, including males of various ages, tell me that I got it right.


    1. It must feel especially good to get validation from the young men who read Pull. To me, it is a good read and it seems authentic, but, I’m a girl!

      Thanks for the insight into writing from a different perspective.


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