Actually, today it’s more like SundayMorningCleaning. I’ve been cleaning up and re-arranging my blog. An online presence needs to be tended to from time to time: update tools, eliminated unused features and broken links, bring in new colors to add  highlights and adapting new memes and ideas from other bloggers. The trick is to do it subtly enough to not alienate readers!

This process began with the addition of new books thanks to the exercise on Fledgling to identify African American books that were published this past year. Sure titles have probably been missed but even if we missed as many as 20 books (which I know we haven’t but I want to remove all room for doubt) we’d still be looking at just over 60 books with a total of 3000 books published for MG and YA readers each year.  You know, we can talk about censorship every year during National Book Banning Week but when are we going to seriously address the banning of books by Native American, Latino, Asian American and African Americans that is enacted annually by the publishing industry? Carleen Brice eludes to this on her blog.


I was updating books released, creating a new page for next year’s books, adding reviews, re-arranging pages and as you can see one thing just led to another! I realize I have way too many links on the side of my blog, so I moved authors to a separate page. Of course in doing so, I had to add a few new authors and combined graphic novelists into that page. I still have a lot of links on the side of my blog! I think I’ll eventually move the resources to a separate page as well.

If you should happen to find a link that doesn’t work or a name that is misspelled, please let me know. I strive to provide accurate information and I want to get it right. I know my typing sucks but I really work to catch the errors. If  something is too annoying, just let me know, I’ll fix it.

I’m working toward being a community on this blog and allowing for more give and take. Last week, when I posted journals that I read, I should have asked readers to suggest as well. I know I don’t know all the good journals out there and I completely forgot about The Journal of Multicultural Education, Multicultural Review and ….???

I’m finally getting to fully realize the power of blogging as I implement blogs into several classes at my school. We began with conversations on what blogs are, etiquette and sharing. After discussing the need to communicate with fellow students in a more professional manner than we would in a text or email and learning to control our online image by choosing what to share and what not to share, students began posting. This week, they’ll post and react to classmates. I really think that blogging can help improve reading and writing because they’re really communicating with someone at an academic level in this process, and that someone is each other. I also think that seeing classmates as part of the learning process will do something positive to the culture of the classroom. I’m really hoping to see an improvement in test scores as students practice responding to text and expressing their opinions in these blogs. I don’t think I”m expecting too much.

I’m waiting for students to ask where or how to set up their own blogs! I’ve already shared Ari’s blog with them to get them to begin imagining what they can be doing! They’ll have fun blogging, but it’s a lot of work, too!

Do you blog? How does blogging challenge you to grow?

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  1. Thanks for all your help compiling our dismal list, Edi. I’m thinking of a follow-up post now–I like that blogging makes me think of continuity, audience, appropriate sharing…and it’s a fun way to write regularly! I may not finish another chapter of my novel-in-progress, but at least I’m engaged with various discourses, political, literary, etc. And blogging builds community! that’s the best part…I can hardly remember a time when I didn’t have you, and Doret, and Ari in my world…


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