I think the most interesting thing I have to share with you today is the upcoming Read-A-Thon. I’ll be participating again this year and donating a prize or three. I see this as an excellent opportunity to share POC with the whiter wider world, so I hope some of you will be joining in on the reading and donating along with me. It will be nice to whittle down this ridiculous TBR pile, too!

With all the wonderful books I’ve been collecting to read, I seem to still spend hours online reading, searching, ordering

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more books and reading! I wonder what it is about human nature that compels us to buy more when we already have plenty. Would this be the classic definition of greed?

Several blogs mention the fantastic articles in the current edition of Hunger Mountain, a journal I planned to buy when the last edition came out. To me, HungerMountain is the kind of journal that requires me to read in print and to buy to support. Other print journals I’m currently devoted to include VOYA, the ALAN Review and the Economist. I read articles from Bitch Magazine and School Library Journal (it’s too expensive!!!!) online. I miss Wired, have outgrown Essence and never cared for the commercialism or celebrity worshiping in O. I’m wondering how much better informed I would be reading NYTimes in print for 2 hours rather than Twitter and blog feeds. Maybe I would have caught this article by a 17 year old Pakistani about the recent flooding. It sounds so much like what we experienced with Katrina.  I’m going to get an educator’s subscription and find out. Let me know if I start to sound like I know what I’m talking about!

In the meantime have you
registered for TEDWoman?
applied for free broadband for teachers?
used any of Scholastics Hispanic Heritage resources?
read this interesting story about teens in Chicago libraries?
supported a literacy project today?

It’s raining. Finally! Here’s hoping you get what you need this week.

3 thoughts on “SundayMorningReads

  1. What an interesting project mentioned in the Chicago article about giving teens cameras and recording their ideas on remaking parts of the city.
    I was kind of baffled as to why Scholastic has materials for the months celebrating Hispanic Heritage, African American Heritage, Asian Pacific Islander….but apparently nothing for American Indian Heritage month?


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