Things that have perplexed me this week:

  • Glen Beck
  • intense coverage of Hurricane Katrina, but not the flooding in Pakistan

    Sample Chapter
  • oil spill? what oil spill?
  • why I cannot win at Words with Friends
  • judging for the Cybils
  • educators who don’t know Powerpoint
  • school restructuring and what really needs to change to create effective urban high schools
  • hair: how short should I cut it this time?
  • why daytime temps are still in the 90s
  • updating my blog feeds. I’ve got to drop some of the 100+ blogs I subscribe to, but which??

My app of the week: MapQuest

Currently reading: Good Enough by Paula Yoo

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6 thoughts on “SundayMorningReads

  1. Edi, are you interested in being a Cybils judge? I hope so! I’m coordinating the Middle Grade/Young Adult Nonfiction area, and looking forward to finding out about more great books. When the book nominations start to roll in, I realize how many titles I’ve missed during the year!


  2. Glenn Beck is such a disgrace. It’s supposed to be in the 90’s today here too. It’s been cool lately, so I’m rather looking forward to this last blast of summer. Have a great Sunday! : )


  3. Susan,
    Yes!! You sure will be seeing my name floating your way. I submitted an application after I read Doret’s post earlier this morning. I wasn’t going to openly declare my intent, just in case! It sounds like a lot of work but it sounds like good work!
    What are you reading now?
    What are you cooking now? 🙂 Enjoy your week!


      1. O! Those sound interesting, especially Dragon Chica! I started Life as we Knew It, but I couldn’t finish. Too lat at night! Yes, I’m a chicken with an very active imagination.


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