Rest in peace, Ms. Lucille Clifton and may perpetual light shine upon her.  Ms. Clifton asked “Won’t you celebrate with me?” in you celebration today,  include Frederick Douglass born this day in 1817. and author of The narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass.

Ari at Reading in Color is celebrating the Amazon Encore release of A Wish After Midnight with a give away. Many of us are so excited about this event! I certainly am!! After reviewing Zetta’s book over a year ago on this blog, I’ve watched WAM begin to circulate the ‘net and the accolades began to grow. If you haven’t read it yet, go order a copy from your local bookstore to help make them aware of these wonderful book! Also, request a copy through your local library so that they can have it for patrons to read. If you’ve already read it be sure to put a review on ALL the online booksellers!

Susan has a Wish After Midnight give away, too!!

My school district is celebrating Presidents Day tomorrow and there’s no school. It looks like perfect timing because we’re expecting a 3-6″ snowfall this evening. I plan to be logging a lot of time online with taxes to file and 2.0 services to explore. If you’re using gMail, did you notice the addition of Google Buzz to your account (like we need yet another social network service!)? Has anyone invited you to Google Wave? Google provides fantastic services, but remember that Google collects information.

Have you read my review of Boys without names? Let me know if you’d like the ARC to read yourself. I’ll send it to the first person to request it in the comments or via email.

I’m going to spend my time exploring Prezi. It reminds me a lot of Google’s Image Swirl, but you can add your own images to Prezi. These moving visual presenters could bring a little pop to a classroom presentation and will take just moments to create.

I found this new author, Swati Avasthi, while looking for something else, as often happens. The most ineresting thing on the site, I thought was the site itself! (YES the books do look good too!!)  Take just a moment to click the link —–>HERE and use the links in the red bar to move through her site!! She uses Mootool, something I’m not real familiar with but may play around with for a minute or two (I don’t write code!!)

And finally, it’s Valentine’s Day! Celebrate what you love today whether it be your students, great books, heritage, friends, family or nature. Remember to do something special for yourself!

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  1. My husband just happened to be reading her work when we heard the news. Thank you for sharing “Won’t You Celebrate with Me?”… it means a lot to me on many levels.

    Happy Day of LOVE!


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