Another Cover Uncovered: Little,Brown


Stinky Washington is the one with glasses riding the motorcycle.

“We are adjusting the covers of all three titles immediately as they reprint in order to offer a more faithful rendering as soon as possible,” Melanie Chang, Little, Brown’s executive director of publicity and communications, told School Library Journal. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers is changing the covers on Trenton Lee Stewart’s “Mysterious Benedict Society” series, following complaints that the character Sticky Washington, described as having light brown skin, appears on all three covers as white.
Chang went on to say, “In our over-80-year history, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers has published a multitude of acclaimed multicultural titles for children, and certainly no deception was intended in how this character’s skin color is represented. We are in the process of addressing the inaccuracies and look forward to offering readers a more faithful rendering of this character in our popular series in the near future.”
Now, to get The Dragon and the Stars (DAW, May 2010) to correct the dragon.

4 thoughts on “Another Cover Uncovered: Little,Brown

  1. “no deception was intended”? Really? Did they just run out of brown ink? but it is a victory, nonetheless…thanks for making the announcement, Edi.


  2. Now THAT’S a great response from a publisher! LB *has* published PoC in the past and, as far as I know, continues to. I love that they’re responding “immediately” rather than coming up with excuses or rationalizations. Thanks for the news, Edi!


  3. I agree with Neesha, now that’s a response and want Bloomsburh ought to say! Unless they can’t point to a history of multiculutural literature (I can only think of MUG, liar and a Book of a Thousand Days).

    Thanks for sharing the news! And I check your book lists 🙂


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