I’ve been gone sending an AirMan overseas. Did you know there is a place called Sudan, TX? Now, I’m getting caught up on about 200 blog posts, needing to write a couple of books reviews and just have a lot on my mind!

Blogs everywhere are posting how to help the Haitians. I’ve been texting ‘yele’ to 501501. This movement is evolving into Hope For Haiti Global Telethon on Friday 22 January and will be broadcast by all the major networks. Over the next few years, the needs will continue so don’t forget the people of Haiti. Mitali Perkins has a nice blog post with children’s books which take place in Haiti. These books are good ways to introduce young people to Haiti and to build bridges of understanding and common interest. I’ve posted about Matenwa, a community I learned about through a friend this summer.  Matenwa empowers women through economic development and education. They strive to create a self sustaining community rather than one that continues to rely on a larger agency for support. Artwork is available for purchase through their website. They are accepting donates, with 10% of what they receive going to Yele.

The American Library Association has opened ALALearning, a librarian’s source for training and learning news, information, best practices and thoughtful discussion.

I’m really loving this post on Asia in the Heart, World and on the Mind about artist Arial Pang.

Finally, what are you doing to observe Martin Luther King day?  I’m sure many of us will be attending local celebrations, but remember peace begins in the home. I challenge you to by and read a book from a culture about which you don’t typically read. Peace begins with understanding!

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  1. Susan, thanks for stopping by. Hang in there!

    BrainLair, I ended up spending the morning at a forgotten dental appointment. I plan to finish ‘Tear Collector’ a story about a people who survive off the misery of others, in quite the opposite spirit of MLK day. Then, I’m going to begin reading through this wonderful box of books Doret was kind enough to send me!


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