Really random and brief reads today. I’m kinda late posting as I braved the cold to go see “The Princess and the Frog”. It was an OK story, it wouldn’t have been Disney without the obvious moral message. Sometimes children still need that. I was most disappointed in the graphics, missing the richness of the old Disney cartoonists who paid more attention to details. Here’s where my mind is today.

  • I’ve read the list of Cybil finalists. I suppose I should be amazed at the tremendous amount of work that was done to whittle the huge list of suggested titles to the final few. More than that, I am disappointed in several of the individual titles on this list as well as the lack of diversity. I’m used to the diversity issue with literary awards, I don’t know why I expected more of the Cybils, but I did.  I’m not the only one, if you have read HappyNappyBookseller’s even handed take on this, or the lengthy discussion at BlackEyedSusan, I hope you take the time to do so. There is a clear indication that more will follow on this and related issues.
  • NYTimes article: how to preserve you mind as you age. One more reason to come out of the bubble you live in and challenge your thinking. I’ll be visiting a fresh batch of blogs this year, realizing a few other perspectives that people have and even visiting FoxNews once in a while. Why let the same people keep feeding me the same line? Watch the blog roll, I’ll be updated with blogs I’m following. Feel free to send suggestions my way for blogs, Twitterers or other sources I might be interested in following.
  • I think I jumped into the book challenges too soon. I really need to do PaperTigers’ Read the World Book Challenge. I admire what they do too much not to support them. I hope you will, too.
  • Trying to figure out how to reach your students or patrons in the New Year? Do you really know what they’re using to get connected? NPR does!
  • My daughter sent me this. This would be the same daughter who interviewed for a job last year on YahooMessenger.  The future is so bright it burns my eyes!

I’m done here for now. I’m going to get caught up in the DailyMashup.  Happy xx10 to you and yours! Stay warm!

2 thoughts on “SundayMorningRead

  1. Hi Edi,

    I worked out this morning. Read and blogged. You are right, more is to come. I’m talking with cohorts, we aim to build. This is no time to gripe and then receed into the background. I’m joining papertigers and I think I’m in too many challenges, too. I will say though each challenge I joined I also considered crossover. No fun joining, setting a goal and then not being able to meet it.

    I picked up two because I saw them here: Faith and 14 cows. I couldn’t get Khan’s book and I really want it. Do you have it to loan?

    I wish I were as tech savvy as you. You are going to shame into learning. lol



    1. I don’t have Khan’s book, yet. I’m sure I’m going to end up having to purchase, so hold tight.

      My tech skills are not so great, really. Well, maybe if you consider my age…LOL

      I’ve gotta map out a plan for these challenges, figure out my crossovers and start locating my first books. We’ll get through this!! I should have mentioned your discussion group. I wonder if we can do something one of the services that allows live discussion. Do you know what I mean? I’ll look it up and get back with you!


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