One More

One more chance for you to win from Ms. Tanita Davis–I won a copy yesterday with a story of happenstance in Taiwan with my daughter.

Today’s contest:

Today’s challenge is one Tali would enjoy — it’s all about driving. Tali mainly drove her grandmother nuts, but she also did some driving with Octavia, too. I’d like to hear stories from people who were taught to drive by their siblings. What’s the worse little, um, scrape you ever got into driving, and never told your parents about? Spill. I promise I won’t tell your Dad who scratched his classic Impala.

You have until midnight on the 13th to unburden your souls, and three lucky winners will come away with a copy of MARE’s WAR, which Kirkus says is “absolutely essential reading” — preferably while someone else is doing the driving”

Good luck!