Book Requests

Two recent books request.  The first appeared in a response to one of my postings from Finola Prescott:

I have a question: I am from St. Lucia and am always frustrated at the complete lack of GOOD books fin shops & libraries or kids to read – there’s a volunteer library in Gros Islet, called the Grow Well Centre – would anyone be interested in posting off a few of their old books to them? email me if you are finolaprescott at gmail dot com

The second is on Reader Girz

Award winning author Nikki Grimes is collecting books for a library in Arkansas that was recently destroyed by tornadoes. Nikki had just visited there days before the tragedy and feels compelled to do something to help. Yes, I called her Nikki! I met her this year in Indianapolis!

Let’s be generous my brothers and sisters!

2 thoughts on “Book Requests

  1. Yes, ready for a change in o, so many ways!
    Thanks for the heads up on that post. That was a cut and paste. Looks like I’ll have to change the color on those.
    Enjoy your week!


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