An Author to watch: Sherri Smith

A few years ago when I first entered the world of young adult literature, I found Lucy the Giant by Sherri Smith.  I loved the book, was intrigued by this young girl’s adventurous life in Alaska and was really surprised to know the book was written by an African American.  Yeah, sometimes even I will stereotype like that.  I hadn’t seen much else by Ms. Smith, but am glad to see that she is still writing and I’m really looking forward to reading and reviewing her two very recent books, Sparrow and Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet. I’ve got to scoot over to MySpace to befriend this author to learn how she researched to write these books and find out if she ever plans to do a graphic novel!

One thought on “An Author to watch: Sherri Smith

  1. Smith has a book going out in Jan. called Flygirl that looks very good. Its about Ida Mae Jones an African American woman who want to enter the Air force. I would love to get my hand on an arc of this. Still trying to figure out how I am now just finding your blog


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