Book Review: Boy Shopping

Boy Shopping by Nia Stephens

2007, Dafina

main character:  Katrina Isabel Kelvin (Kiki) 


Boy Shopping is the first book in a brand new teen series by author Nia Stephens.  While the main character is an African American female, the cast is diverse and eclectic.  Kiki, the main character is a professional drummer who is a throwback for classical rock music.  Her neurosurgeon father and mother who is a judge place strict guidelines on the life of their teenage daughter who despite her looks, talent, intelligence and kind heart manages to have a difficult time meeting the right guy.  Of course, there is that one true male friend who she’s always had a crush on, but will they ever get together?  The reader becomes actively involved in Kiki’s life, choosing who she should date and when she should call it quits.  While this format has been lauded for its ability to engage the reluctant reader into the action, it also limits the complexity of the story.  Each book in this series actually has 8 endings.

Author Stephens is herself  a rather eclectic person, with interests that include Elfpunk and knitting; Belle and Sebastian and Venus Hum as favorite groups and a degree from Harvard, Ms. Stephens brings a different and entertaining addition to what is available for teens girls of color.