book review: It Chicks

It Chicks by Tia Williams

Jump at the Sun; 2007

Author Tia Williams has been a beauty writer and editor at YM, Elle, Lucky, and Glamour magazines, has co-written books with super model Iman and anchored fashion shows for teens.  Her interest in the fashion industry is clear has her book is laden with teens who have grown up knowledge of cosmetics, drugs, sex and alchohol.  Unlike most teen books where the young characters might experiment in a few of these adult arenas, Ms. Williams characters have much experience in life.  They have no angst, doubt or uncertainty about the world.  But then, these are not typical teens.  These are very talented, artistic young people who are someone isolated from the rest of the world as the concentrate on developing their talents and careers.  If the characters had greater depth, perhaps they would not read like twentysomethings in high school.