Review: Hip Hop High School


Hip Hop High School

by: Alan Lawrence Sitomer

As with most books, I had a lot of hope for this one. I’d read his previous book. It was OK, and this title will certainly appeal to my students.  However, reading the book and taking in the cover’s back flap confirms my suspicions: it’s written by an educator who loves to teach. So, I’m wondering if students will like it, or smell a rat?

The book is supposed to be a sequel to The Hoopser however, the character from that book makes only brief appearances in this one. I don’t remember this character, Tee Ay (Theresa) in that book, or any other of the siblings. Theresa’s little brother definitely stands out in this book and will probably be the main character in Sitomer’s next novel.

This book follows Theresa through her high school years. She meets several challenging situations but often works through the problem in her own mind and leaves the reader with an nice moral lesson. The book is replete (Replete, that’s good word to know for the SAT and it means quite full of something.) with SAT definitions which can’t help but smack you in the face. The book mocks hip hop and uses it as a tool to sell books. Students who live on the fringes of urbania will read it and like it.

Now, I’ll place this book in my school library and see what my students say and I’ll get back with you on that!