MARCH Releases

For your reading pleasure, here’s a list of March releases for teens and tweens written by BIPOC authors. Insha Fitzpatrick makes a mark in the supernatural genre with A Totally Factual Guide to the Supernatural. The Pumphreys are going middle grade with Link and Hud. If you’ve read any of their picture books, you know… Read More MARCH Releases


Better late than never, right? There were so many good books released in February that I had to post them, late though they may be. The March releases will post over the weekend. I’ll give you a moment to savor these. FEBRUARY 7 Akim Aliu by Greg Anderson Elysée, Karen De la Vega, and Marcus… Read More February


My thoughts this weekend don’t go much further than a research study in which “black faces looked more criminal to police officers; the more Black, the more criminal.” Source Notice this research isn’t limited to White officers, it references police officers. For the past few weeks, I’ve been digging into my ‘monkey’ research because I’ve… Read More SundayMorningReads