Oil Spill Webinar

Thanks to the KY librarian listserv I’ve become aware of an opportunity for those still in school. Discovery Education will be hosting a special FREE Webinar with Phillipe Cousteau on June 2 at 1:00 ET. This is an opportunity for students to move beyond the headlines and learn about this environmental disaster from someone on… Read More Oil Spill Webinar


I’m steeped in media center work. With some new testing and reading programs we’ve implemented, teachers are immediately aware of students low reading levels. Yes, there is that much discussed disconnected between reading at school and reading ‘in real life’, making one question the validity of these tests. Yet, when students have to read text… Read More whirlwind

Movie Study Guides

A new teaching guide helps you learn how to use movies to teach important life lessons to children and youth. “Teaching with Movies: A Guide for Parents and Educators,” provides insight, instruction and resources to help adults use any movie as a learning tool. The guide is produced by F.I.L.M. (Finding Inspiration in Literature &… Read More Movie Study Guides