It Changed

Several days ago, I promised a post on the changes in Punctuation Takes a Vacation by Robin Pulver and Lynn Rowe Reed (Holiday House). I believe educators and librarians on the CALIBK12 listserv are the ones who raised alarms regarding the racist images in this book. Originally published in 2003, the publishers took out the racist images… Read More It Changed

Artists Needed

the following information appearing on Asia in the Heart, World on My Mind We are looking for children’s book illustrators from countries around the world to design bookplates for International Book Giving Day 2013! If you are interested in designing a bookplate, please contact Amy Broadmoore at amy dot broadmoore at gmail dot com. International Book… Read More Artists Needed


I decided a while ago to give up reading challenges because they get away from me too easily. But, I like the way they challenge me! They push me to expand the way I approach genres I already read or they get me to read something I thought I’d rather not. Kinna Read’s Africa Challenge… Read More Challenging