Gathering In


This weekend I intend to languish over SLJ’s list of Best Books of 2022. And then, I will read!

We Need Diverse Book’s new campaign, #BooksSaveLives, is designed to combat book bans and censorship. You can join the fight by buying swag, posting photos or videos with #BooksSaveLives, and/or attending school board or library board meetings. Funds generated during the campaign will be used in 3 ways.

1. Giving grants to schools to buy diverse books
2. Partnering with local grassroots orgs to provide educational resources
3. Supporting diverse authors directly in ways that include book buys, publicity for challenged titles, and paid school visits, all to bolster income.

The challenges are growing in Texas. Learn more by following Right to Read Project and become an advocate.

Lucky me was able to pick up a copy of How We Can Live: Principles of Black Lives Matter, by Laleña Garcia and Caryn Davidson. What?!! You don’t have a copy…yet? You’ll want to watch the authors in conversation with Cicley Gay from a recently recorded webinar.

Workers at HarperCollins are still on strike. Their demands are for

  • Higher wagers (the company reported record profit in 2021)
  • Stronger commitments to diversifying staff
  • Better family leave

Literary agents are threatening to support workers by dropping all HarperCollins author projects. (they’re calling it ‘blacklisting’ but, with shades of colorism there, let’s just call it what it is: agents are dropping them.) Bookriot lists several ways to support the workers from sharing information on social media to donating the strike fund.

You can also find out more about the African American Children’s Book Fair on Facebook

Yes indeed, it’s Friday! Be well and do good.

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