NJ Mvondo: I Read Asian and Pacific Islander American Books

I think Alia started a nice little trend of looking at Asian imports from small presses. NV Movondo continues by sharing The Garden of Peace by Navjot Kaur; illustrated by Nana Sakata (Saffron Press). NJ takes the time to highlight parts of the book often overlooked, parts that extend the author’s message to readers.


Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 3.31.55 PMBorn and raised in England and of Sikh-Panjabi heritage, Navjot Kaur is fascinated and inspired by diverse environments and culture. Her first children’s book, A Loin’s Mane (Saffron Press, 2009), won the 2010 Skipping Stones Honor Award for Multicultural and International Awareness. She believes that our children can become advocates for social change and uses her writing as a way to inspire them to become responsible, global citizens.  She currently lives in Vancouver, Canada with her family.

NJ Mvondo is a writer, artist and community organizer based in Davis, CA. She is the founder of Multiculturalism Rocks!, of Multicultural Press Inc, a co-founder of the Davis Network for Africa , and a member of the Board of Directors of the criminal justice news coverage The Vanguard.