Black History : Literacy

Today, more than ever, the presence of Black librarians is crucial. As part of my work this month, I’ve chosen to highlight the work of Black librarians who work with youth or youth literature. Like me, Jewel Davis works as an Education Librarian. I noticed her commitment to ‘radical self care’ on Twitter and I had to ask her about it. I hope to talk with her more about it.

Name: Jewel Davis thumbnail_jeweldavis.jpg

Library: Belk Library and Information Commons at Appalachian State University

What book(s) are you currently reading? How Long ‘Til Black Future Month? by N.K. Jemisin and Becoming by Michelle Obama

What suggestions do you have for someone seeking radical self-care? It is first important to understand that radical self-care is unapologetic. There is no place for guilt in taking the time to care for yourself. The stress and emotional labor we face on a daily basis takes a toll and without consistent counteraction may lead to detrimental results.

Radical self-care demands we be mindful of our energy and mental well-being and that we seek out activities that rejuvenate our spirit. We deserve continuous joy and peace in our lives, and finding what fills us with joy looks different to everyone and can change as we grow and change in our own lives.

Whatever you choose, know that what must remain constant is devoting time to check in, reflect, and take care.

Where can people connect with you online? Twitter @jewel_davis