Rights Reports: October 2017

The following information was originally printed in Publishers Weekly. Dana Chidiac at Dial has bought, in a six-figure pre-empt, debut Iranian-American author Adib Khorram‘s Darius the Great Is Not Okay. The book stars a 15-year-old tea-obsessed, clinically depressed, half-Iranian Star Treknerd whose sense of self is transformed by his first trip to Iran. The book will publish in fall… Read More Rights Reports: October 2017

Censor This!

“The most irresponsible kind of censorship: That based on the denial of some vital area of human experience, and in this case, resulting often in the black child’s total eclipse or his total misrepresentation.” ~Nina Mikkelson Source  Depictions of African American children have evolved from delightful pickaninnies speaking heavily accented Black dialect dominating the characterization of… Read More Censor This!