Not Trying to be Authoritative, Just Sayin’

I’m always working on something! One of my current projects involves working with my department members on updating our instructional programming. I look to the new ACRL information literacy framework for my guidance on this. For librarians transitioning from the old standards or even from bibliography instruction this can be a challenge. Our conversation yesterday… Read More Not Trying to be Authoritative, Just Sayin’

review: Bloodline

title: Bloodline author: Joe Jiménez date: Arté Publico Press; 2016 main character: Abraham   “A majority of the work is told in a second-person narrative before switching to first person at the shocking climax. While there is resolution, the startling and quick conclusion will most likely leave readers angry and upset.” School Library Journal Jiménez… Read More review: Bloodline

Every Second Series

The plan: to introduce a serial or series every second Tuesday Second Tuesday Serials Title: The Birchbark House Author: Louise Erdrich Date: Hyperion Books for Children; 1999 main character: Omakaya The endpapers of The Birchbark House display a map of an island in Lake Superior dated 1874. A bird, Andeg, guides the map with his… Read More Every Second Series