Twas National Coming Out Day

11 October is National Coming Out Day. I’m not spending as much time on Twitter these days, so I didn’t get to read the precious coming out Tweets, but I did see a Tweet from someone on how difficult coming out can be, how difficult life can be when you have to worry about your family and friends accepting you, when you have to live with to possibility of imgres-1.jpgbeing denied for who you are and in fear of verbal or physical attack. And, I also read a post from someone expressing the joy of having the freedom just to be who they are.

Did you not pause at ‘people’ and wonder what people I’m talking about? Don’t you assume straight, white people when there is no description? Most of us do.

Most of us expect straight/heterosexual to be the norm. We expect those in the queer community to have to define themselves. I haven’t run this thought by anyone, so someone is going to have to tell me if I’m taking liberties here and diverting the intention of Coming Out Day too much. I just don’t think the onus of identification should be on those in the LGBT+ community.

Listen to this: I am a cis gendered, she/her pronoun, heterosexual female.

It can be kind of hard to say that out loud if you’ve never taken the time to consider your sexual orientation or your gender identity. It can be too easy to take this for granted, to not realize the privilege that comes with being heterosexual.

It’s also freeing and prideful to say that out loud, to own who I am. Honestly, it is!

And, everyone should be able to have that same pride-filled.feeling In a way, I’m a day late, but in many ways this may be right on time. It’s your turn to come out. Say it out loud.