Passing It Forward

The following is news I’ve received via emails that’s meant to be shared. Please forgive me for simply cutting and pasting. Not only is it quicker, but it allows for fewer typos.

First, a little self promoting: A link to a printable brochure of the We’re the People Summer Reading List.

From the Fabulous Deborah Menkart at TEACHING FOR CHANGE:

Now more than ever, it is important for young people to understand the crucial role that youth, women, ImageProxyand other community members played in organizing for voting rights. Teaching for Change helps students make the connections between past struggles for liberation, current attacks on voting rights, and today’s #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Please give today.

A new project has launched by Sarah Hannah Gomez​, Angie Manfredi, Faythe Arredondo, and Kelly Jensen called Size Acceptance in YA. They’ll be exploring fatness, fatphobia, body image, body objectification, and more in YA lit.

Young Adult LIbrary Services Association (YALSA) needs your help! We’re compiling resources on our wiki to help our members improve their services to diverse teens. If you know of any articles, reports, tools, e-learning, etc. that can help library staff build cultural competence skills and better serve diverse patrons, please share your items on our totally edit-able wiki! The pages are here:

Serving Diverse Teens:…/index.php/Serving_Diverse_Teens_@_Yo…
Cultural Competence:

Along the same lines from YALSA: The U.S. teen population is becoming increasingly diverse, and with it, the communities we serve in our libraries. Join Amita Lonial as she discusses cultural competence in the library: its definition, its impact on behaviors, attitudes, and policies; and how essential it is for library staff to develop these skills in order to serve teens more effectively and work more collaboratively with fellow library staff. 100 seats available to YALSA members only. Register here.

And finally, an interview you won’t want to miss: Sharon Draper at School LIbrary Journal.