Saturday’s Hyphenated Authors

I usually do a ‘quick’ Trailer post on Saturdays and go on about my day. But, on this Saturday, the thoughts have simmered into a different post. I think it came to a boil today at the post office when I read a bumper sticker that stated “American-American”.

Wouldn’t we all love to be able to display such a sticker on our vehicles? Isn’t that the American dream IMG_0606that led Rodney King to ask “Why can’t we all just get along”?

Because, we don’t get along. There’s a lot of pride in hyphenating our Americanism and I say more power to each and every group. This America really is big enough for all that self love.

I prefer ‘Black’ to African American and I like ‘people of color’. I like the inclusiveness of these terms and the new centers they create. I’ve begun to wonder why more and more I see people question the use of ‘people of color’. I do know that it excludes American Indians because you can’t reduce a nation to skin color. Ah! There’s the rub! We cannot reduce nations to skin color. In being “Black” or “people of color” we are no longer tied to a place, we diminish our identity.

Take the time to watch this conversation with Junot Diaz and Toni Morrison.

So, much of my Saturday has been creating better identities on my Author’s Page.

2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Hyphenated Authors

  1. Hyphenations can be tricky, since some people love them and others don’t. It reminds me of how, recently, someone told me he didn’t like being called African-American when his background is Haitian.


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