Lists and Piles

Piles and piles of books!!!

piled on my coffee table

Some have been piling up on my coffee table. I won one from Cynsations, received some from Lee and Low and bought others.

Thank you, Goosebottom Books!!

I also received a wonderful pile from Goosebottom Books!! I’ll be reviewing these over the next few weeks and interviewing the publisher as well. I don’t have a copy of their newest books (yet!) but it is one of the absolutely coolest books I have seen! It’s featured in this YouTube video.



The BrownBookShelf has begun collecting author suggestions for the 2013 28 Days Later list. They are looking for African American children’s authors and illustrators they’ve not yet featured. Visit their site for a reminder of who they have interviewed over the years and then add a few. They’re accepting names through 3 November.

Liz B over at a Chair, Fireplace and Teacozy recently sparked a conversation about gender balance and YA. I found the post particularly interesting as I’ve recently proposed a presentation on the topic myself. Liz B asks what really is the question, what is driving all the discussion about male vs. female authors/ protagonists/authors in YA fiction and she leads her readers to lady business’s post Gender Balance in YA Award Winners Since 2000. There are so few male writers of color in YA! Does this influence young men of color and their interest in reading? Is it the lack of male protagonists, or do these things not matter? Is the male voice of consequence in YA literature?



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  1. I just saw that the nominations are open at the Brown Bookshelf. What fun! And I am reading MG fiction for the Cybils this year. I’ve been noticing the mix of male/female characters. It might just be my bias but so far I like the writing about boys much better than the ones from a girls’ POV. It’s important to have BOTH certainly, and a huge wide variety of voices, interests, styles, etc. As the mother of boys I can tell you that they are hungry for good stories. It sometimes feels like working against the tide, as so much of the rest of culture is pulling the other way…


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