Recognizing a Hero

“In 1962, Fannie Lou Hamer decided she wanted to try to register to vote after attending a SNCC voter registration meeting at William Chapel Church in Ruleville, MS pastored by the late Rev. J. D. Story.  It would turn out to be just another way of asking to die.
After returning home, Mrs. Hamer was ordered to go and take her name off the registrar’s book. If she refused to do so, she would have to move. Refuse she did and move she did.
I didn’t go register for you sir, I did it for myself”, replied Fannie Lou to her boss. Mr. W. D. Marlowe.  She was kicked off the plantation where she had lived for the past eighteen years.
Sixteen shots were fired into The Tuckers home over the bed Mrs. Hamer slept where she had fled for safety. “God had already told me to move on, so I wasn’t there that night,” Fannie said.
Fannie Lou Hamer, June E. Johnson, James West, Euvester Simpson, Annelle Ponder and others were jailed in Winona, Mississippi.  Two black prisoners were ordered to beat Mrs. Hamer.  She was beaten so badly she no longer had feelings in her legs.
Mrs. Hamer’s passion for her people and her interest and understanding of how powerful the political process was in America led her and others to create the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party to challenge the Credential Committee in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1964 to be seated rather than the regular Democrats who they exclaimed were “illegally elected” based on discriminatory practices against blacks statewide.
“We Will Not Accept The Compromise”, stated Mrs. Hamer”.  read more

A life-sized (all of her 5’4”) bronze statue of civil rights great Fannie Lou Hamer will be unveiled at her burial site in Ruleville, MS, on October 5 at 10AM.  This will be the very first statue of a civil rights activist in the MS Delta. The artist has been selected and is working on the piece at the moment.  The statue committee has raised almost $70,000  and is still trying to find the remaining $30,000 The artist has agreed to work on the installment plan if necessary.

From the Fannie Lou Hamer Statue Project Committee:

We invite you to join us in helping to assure that the life contributions of Fannie Lou Hamer will be forever recognized by placing a much deserved statue at the heart of the City of Ruleville to pay homage to one of the great-est civil rights leader of our time. Please make your contribution today.

Donations are tax deductible and all contributions will be made available to the public. Credit card payments can be made at Please make checks payable to NBUF in care of Fannie Lou Hamer Statue Fund.

Mail to:

National Black United Fund

40 Clinton Street – 5th Floor

Newark, New Jersey 07102.

Updates on The Fannie Lou Hamer Statue Project are available at You can find us on Facebook


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