Happy New Year!!

this is my 1000th blog post! It took me a while to post because I wanted to come up with a way to make it special. Making it the first post of the New Year certainly makes it so. And no, I didn’t stay up all night trying to come up with a plan. I didn’t ply myself with alcohol, kiss a frog at midnight or dodge bullets in the streets, either. NYE is one of the biggest date nights of the year and a girl sans date has to come up with a Plan B. Well, my day of pampering and celebrating has become my Plan A and the frog, Plan B!

Whoever came up with the idea of New Year’s Resolutions probably did so when they were on Winter Break and they were relaxing, researching and reading new ideas, thoughts and methodologies. I see myself in the New Year streamlining my blog feeds, following people who are leaders rather than followers. I want to go more often to the source, curate better information for my readers and be more purposeful about improving the literacy of teens of color. I’m also looking into new ways to do that in real life. I’ll be blogging more about NGOs and foundations that support literacy so please feel free to send links about programs and people of which you’re aware and I’ll put together a post. And as always, I hope to get more books read!

Along those lines, I’m going to celebrate my 1000th post with a different kind of giveaway. I’d like to donate three books to three different agencies, school libraries, NGOs or literacy programs who have a need for books which they loan or provide to people (preferably women or teens) in need. I’m asking my readers to recommend organizations they’d like to see receive a book in the comments below. On 15 January, I’ll close the posts and randomly select three agencies to which I’ll donate one book each.

2012. If you haven’t heard, that’s fairly significant on the Mayan Calendar. In the Chinese world, it will be the year of the dragon (I believe beginning in February). Whatever may happen to you and yours, may only be for the good!

giveaway: three books to three different literacy agencies or school libraries

how: suggest an agency in the comments

deadline: 15 January

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