This is going to be an odd little post. It’s already 7:30pm and I really should just skip this all together except that I didn’t post last Sunday.

I did finally join NetGalley and I’m in the midst of reading A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. I had hoped I could download it to my  Nook but the particular Adobe product they’ve adapted, the Adobe Digital Editions, only works on the Sony eReader or a PC. I really like the features on the Kindle and want to read on that, however there are a few details from the Adobe Digital Editions that I’d like to merge to the Kindle. I particularly like how it bookmarks. I think technology is spoiling me enough to think I should be able to have my preferences identified for these tools and have the ideal product I want available for me but even to me that sounds spoiled. What happened to making due?

In an email: barnes and is offering 50% off one of this weeks 20 bestsellers, ending midnight 1 Nov.

Someone’s blog mentioned the dramatization of Woodson’s Locomotion. The Kennedy Center’s performance of Locomotion is available to schools free as is performances of Ella, a celebration of the life an music of Ella Fitzgerald; the Tambuco Percussion Ensemble, a percussion quartet celebrating Mexican music and culture; Linda Sue Park telling stories; maximumINDIA and others and did I say free??!! They will be available via satellite or Internet connections just visit this site to find out the dates, times and how to sign up.

Enjoy your week!

3 thoughts on “SundayMorningReads

  1. I get the BN notices. I’ve taken advantage of many of their coupons and sales.

    For Netgalley, some of the books are Adobe only and others I can send to my Kindle. If it’s Adobe only, I read on my laptop. I find it hard to read a book on a desktop.


  2. I haven’t had much luck with Netgalley yet. I haven’t liked any of the books I’ve read so far.

    I enjoy the Beastologist series by LaFevers. Its younger MG fantasy. I requested the third book. I got it but the pages skip. I go from page 4 to 6. I’ve tried to scroll very slowly but it doesn’t help. The glinch happens more than once so I gave up.

    And for some reason the Dragon Chica novel doesn’t come up. The pages are blank. I requested it again. I will see what happens.

    I just requested A Long Walk to Water.

    Edi – I thought you had a Nook.


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