We’re In It Together

Last weekend, I visited an exhibit at the Memorial:cite de l’histoire on children who survived the Shoah (<<Stigmatiser, exclure, traquer, deporter, assassiner, survivre: les enfants dans la Shoah>>). It opened with a fascinating timeline on the history of departations and exterminations. The Second Republic in France developed the idea of deprtation in 1850 while the… Read More We’re In It Together

Only 6 Weeks Left!

In June 2008 the State Library announced receipt of a $1 million grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services for recruiting and educating 30 ethnically/racially diverse students for Indiana’s Librarians Leading in Diversity project. The first class of 10 fellows began classes in January with seven students in Indianapolis and three in Bloomington.… Read More Only 6 Weeks Left!

Bookstore find

I went to a bookstore today and thought I found Sherri Smith’s Flygirl. Instead, it was Influence les ombres du ciel. Could someone tell me how these covers could be so similar??