Movie Study Guides

A new teaching guide helps you learn how to use movies to teach important life lessons to children and youth. “Teaching with Movies: A Guide for Parents and Educators,” provides insight, instruction and resources to help adults use any movie as a learning tool. The guide is produced by F.I.L.M. (Finding Inspiration in Literature &… Read More Movie Study Guides

Book at no economic Cost

Nippon Foundation Offers Books on Contemporary Japan to Libraries – Must apply by June 30! The Nippon Foundation will donate “100 Books for Understanding Contemporary Japan” in English to 200-300 libraries throughout North American. The book’s cover all aspects-politics/international relations,  literature, arts, history, society, culture, economics and business. Academic and public libraries interested in some… Read More Book at no economic Cost

Bobbt Flay’s Latest Throwdown: Book Reviews

Earlier this week, I read a posting on Zetta Elliot’s blog, Fledgling, about the controversy between professional and non-professional book reviewers. I had an immediate reaction to the discussion (much ado about nothing!) but, I decided to step away and give it some thought. This morning, I’m watching the Food Network and my response begins… Read More Bobbt Flay’s Latest Throwdown: Book Reviews