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One of the sites I follow on iGoogle continues to be the Daily Mashup.  Every once in a while, I spend way too much tim sifter through his finds are here are some of the gems I found this morning while getting some much needed household repairs done.

Free fonts Can a girl ever have too many fonts?


I’m a traveler. I really think/know that I’m going back on the road, back overseas again soon. So, I like this kind of information. : Travel Full Time for Less

50 ways to do anything can be overwhelming, especially when they’re really good, well though suggestions. These ways to be more effective are just that. I read the ideas not so much taking them personally but applying them to my library. If the ways are correct, I should be able to get more library books returned if I stopped saying we still have over 1,000 missing books and say something like “We’ve  had 300 books returned last week, how many more can we get back this week?” My stretching the numbers by adding the extra zero makes students feel like they’ve been responsible returning books and challenges them to do even better.  I like it!  Scientifically Proven Ways to be more effective

Best Places to find Theatrical Movies for Teaching Teachers like movies. I need to find great ones that relate to the curriculum. I really liked the suggestion to just show a small clip of the movie with no sound, have one student sit with her back to the screen and have the person looking at the screen describe what they’re seeing.

MTwain Motivational Posters I’m becoming a real Mark Twain Fan (and I’m still waiting to hear if anyone has read his book on Joan of Arc). I think I have original copies of all of his books in my library. OK, they’re not really that old, but close enough!

This is just totally, coolly, awesomely fascinating! Will it apply to any of your photos?? Fibonacci Sequence Illustrated